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Heat-stress-physical activity-being nervous, there are many reasons for this natural reaction of the human body and everyone copes with it differently.

But we all want to avoid sweat stains and body odor. Pure deodorants just cover up body odor, but do nothing about sweat stains on your shirts. Anti-transpirants – which are included in many deodorants today – block the natural function of the skin. The stronger the anti-transpirant, the higher the risk of skin irritation. Both products – deodorants and anti-transpirants – also cause another problem, as the chemicals involved tend to affect and discolor fabrics.


MYDRY Underarm Pads are totally different. Without interfering with the natural way your skin works MYDRY Underarm Pads absorb and neutralize sweat. This way MYDRY Underarm Pads not only protect you from embarrassing stains, but they also protect your clothing from deodorant stains and discoloration.

MYDRY Underarm Pads are easy to use, ultra-thin and protect you and your clothing 24 hours a day.




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